Dev Log #1

It started with an idea. Well, more of a dream. Actually, correction again, it’s a game about dreaming. This is all I had when I started planning out my latest project. 

Authors note: This is the first time I have chronicled the development of a game so I am still trying to refine the structure of these logs. I hope to keep them quite fluid. In this first entry I will primarily discuss my idea. Next I will look at narrative aspects, the game design document, and then I will enter into a play by play development log. 

So, where to begin? Ah yes, the idea. Dreams have always fascinated me. I usually experience quite vivid dreams, up the point of lucidity at times. I often dream three or four times per night and remember the details of each of these dreams. For me, developing a game based off dreaming was quite a natural step. 

At the beginning I had a simple concept in mind. The protagonist will have the ability to dive into other people’s dreams. This gives me a lot of space for interesting puzzle mechanics to be played out across multiple layers of dreams. Artistically I also have a lot of room to be creative. Dreams are rarely a one to one representation of the real world. I plan to experiment with level design by making objects bigger/smaller, or adding or removing doors, and morphing environments in general. 

It’s probably quite easy to guess, but Inception is one of the inspirations I am using for this project. Conceptually I am planning on doing something very different in my game, but the idea of dream diving is very interesting. Other inspirations I can think of are Psychonauts, Undertale and Bioshock. 

The title of this game will be *drum roll* Dreaming Knight.

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