Tech Roundup – Week #3 August 2020

Epic start a war with Apple and Google

Epic Games have declared war with Apple and Google after popular battle royal game Fortnite was pulled from the App and Play stores. The action was taken by the platform holders because Epic had implemented a payment system that would undermine their own systems where they can take 30% of all revenue generated.

Epic immediately posted a video heralding a war with Apple and have filed a lawsuit against the tech giant.

Ref: The Verge

Irish AR company secures investment

Antikytera, and Irish AR start-up has secured what is believed to be €5 million in funding to develop an AR remote productivity tool. The company now is believed to be valued at €15 million. 

The tool, named Emres, provides functionality for AR calls, real time annotation and a 3D model viewer.

Ref: The Irish Times

Apple One set to launch in October

Apple’s all in one subscription service is set to launch in October 2020. Apple One will include the Apple pay services, Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple News and Apple Arcade. 

These services will be split across multiple subscription levels.

Ref: Bloomberg

Microsoft Surface Duo set to ship

The Microsoft Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first Android phone is set to ship in September 2020. The phone will be priced at $1399 and is designed with a book fashioned double screen.

Ref: Arstechnica


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