Tech Roundup – Week #4 August 2020

Spotify creates AI experience with The Weeknd

Spotify have created an interactable The Weeknd experience generated from user data. The experience is called “Alone with me”. The AI will comment on a user’s Spotify highlights, including a discussion on their favourite The Weeknd song and the first song they listened to from the artist.

 Ref: ht Tech

Irish VR training company secures investment

VRAI, an Irish remote VR training company has raised €1.2m in funding from angel investors and Enterprise Ireland. They will be using this investment to build out their flagship product, Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (HEAT). 

Ref: The Irish Times

Apple becomes for first 2 trillion dollar company

Apple has become the first company to hit a market cap at $2 trillion. This comes just two years after they hit the $1 trillion milestone, in August 2018. 

On July 31st, Apple surpassed the state oil giant Saudi Aramco to become the world’s most valuable publicly traded company.


Google Maps is getting more detail

Google Maps is applying a new colour mapping algorithmic technique to its satellite imagery in order to improve detail on the platform. These new techniques will allow the platform to distinguish natural features in the environment. It will also add sidewalks, roadways and crosswalks.

Ref: The Verge

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