Tech Roundup – Week #1 September 2020

Neuralink demo on pigs

Last week, Elon Musk revealed Gertrude, a pig with a Neuralink implant surgically attached to its skull. The device can pick up signals from the pig’s snout as it shuffled around its pen. The device communicates with the brain via 1,024 tiny electrodes.

Ref: CNet

Mario Kart AR

This week Nintendo announced an augmented reality home circuit for their Mario Kart series. Players will use their Nintendo Switch to pilot a physical kart around augmented reality gates marked within their home. 

Ref: The Drive

Update on Epic vs Apple

Not a lot to update on this, instead I am going to link the full Epic statement for those who are interested. Side note on this case, Google have asked the courts not to have them included in the legal battle between Apple and Epic.

Ref: The Verge

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